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Okay, so. Being a content creator is pretty cool. It’s awesome to be able to take a hobby, like playing video games, and turn it into a job. The only sad part is that, in order to make money like a job, you kinda have to treat it like a job.

Now, that doesn’t have to be a vibe killer. But you do need to recognize your work for what it is — brand management. Think about it: why are your fans your fans? What brought your audience to your content? It’s no accident that they’re here, and they won’t…

Recently, in the newsletter Game Discoverability Now, Simon Carless posed the question: “Can influencer-branded game stores work?”. Well, our (the people behind the game stores referenced in the newsletter) response to that question is an unequivocal ‘yes’. Here’s our perspective:

Developing a video game is hard. Finding an audience can be harder. Thousands of games release each year, most of them bound for the dustbin of history. That’s why we originally founded to try and give developers an advantage, to connect great games directly with influencers — and, by extension, gamers around the world.

The trick is finding a…

Who loves patch notes? Nexus loves patch notes. Is it true? 🎵 We do we do we do-ooo! 🎵

Welcome back to the wonderful world of tweaks, fixes, and changes. This month, we’re adding a little clarity to your Nexus storefronts.

New Link Icon Selector

What do we mean by “clarity?” Well, how many of you out there have linked a website in your dashboard settings? This function exists so that you can connect your audience to another page, even if that page isn’t one of the listed forms of social media.

Previously, this link was represented as a globe 🌐 in the store’s…

Say it with me: 👏Everybody 👏 Loves 👏Patch 👏Notes! 👏 and Nexus is back at it again with more changes, news, and features to show off — including a hotly-anticipated addition that’s been requested since day one! Here’s what we’ve been up to in April 2021!

Full Game Library Access

By popular demand, we’ve added a search function to your stores — one that makes it possible for customers to buy any game from the Nexus catalog. This won’t affect your ability to feature a showcase of games in your store, and we still encourage you to curate a storefront that best suits your…

We have officially partnered with Grinding Gear Games to make Path of Exile microtransactions available through Nexus, starting with Armour Sets! We’re incredibly excited to be working with Grinding Gear Games to make it possible to support content creators while also supporting the development of Path of Exile.

This update is Nexus’s first time offering in-game microtransactions, so read on for more information on the partnership and platform update.

Why Armour Sets?

We’re starting with Armour Sets as they are one of the most popular microtransaction categories for Path of Exile, they provide a better profit-per-purchase for creators, and they’re an easy category…

At Nexus, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve your experience and better support you, your content, and your community. We’re pretty excited about a few new features that we think will do just that.

Video/Stream Embed

Thanks to your valuable feedback, we’ve added video embeds to Nexus! You can now showcase your content directly on your Nexus homepage by choosing to display your active Twitch stream or a specific Twitch VOD or YouTube video. Add a video to your Nexus in the Settings page of your Creator Dashboard.

Nexus is a platform where content creators can build their own game store. This enables creators to sell games and earn support by turning a content stream into an income stream, enabling creators to focus more on what they do best: creating!

This week, we’re proud to feature Controlled Pairs Gaming! Controlled Pairs’ Nexus features tactical shooters and combat simulations on PC.

A Collection of Local Multiplayer Games to Strengthen or Sabotage your Relationships

Yeah, love is cool and all, but have you ever had video games? For many of us, video games were our first love — which presents a dangerous temptation to those of us in committed relationships: Do you keep video games as your secret mistress, relegating them to the background of your life? Or do you dare to mingle the two?

Even if your significant other enjoys video games, you’ve got to recognize that we don’t all enjoy games in the same way, or for the same reasons. …


From February 5th to 7th, Nexus and KillHouse Games ran an exclusive discount for Door Kickers 2 – 10% off of the first 500 copies sold, after which the price would return to normal.

The unique event, which included a cash prize for top sellers, garnered interest from creators who hadn’t yet played Door Kickers 2 and invigorated creators who had already played it to create new content covering it. Participating creators include Teosgame, Karmakut, Controlled Pairs, Das Tactic, The Saxy Gamer, and more.

In the end, the event led to the sale of more than 500 units, multiple YouTube…

Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices for Promoting your Nexus

For the short version, and specific tips for different platforms, check out the TL;DR near the bottom!

Your Nexus should be uniquely you. The branding is yours. The game selection is yours. Even the audience it caters to… is yours. So, in a way, you know your customers better than we can hope to, what content they engage with, and how to best reach them.

But… this isn’t our first rodeo, either! We’ve been working with creators like you since 2016, helping them to promote game sales in ways that are simple, but as effective as possible. We’ve seen what has worked for others in the past, and we’d like to share these strategies with you. …



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